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Since 2005 we’ve had over 1 Million Visitors come to Game Room Decorating and we’ve learned a lot from them.  What they really want to find, a majority of the time, are just the Game Room Greats!  So from Game Room Ideas to the Game Room Decor we’re redesigning our site to focus only on the Greats. 

You'll find that this site is not your normal throw every product you can find on a page and sell stuff site.  On this site, from page to page you’ll find links and lists to some of the Best Game Room Ideas and Game Room Decor, Games and a whole lot more.  No there are NOT 1000s of products on each page, but the ones that will show up are pretty darn cool!

Do You Want or Have a Theme
in your Game Room?

Our Game Room Theme pages have been very popular over the years for visitors looking for fun, new and interesting ideas and ways to decorate their game room. 

From a 1950s Theme decorating all the way to Tiki Bar Themes and Western Themes and a lot more in between there are some really neat ways to theme your room along with the links to neat theme room decorations.

Have a Favorite Sports Team or Sport?

There are so many Great Teams out there including both College and Professional and they all have a huge variety of decorations that it’s almost impossible to list them all.  BUT we’re NOT listing them all, we’re picking out some of the best decorations that would look great in a game room and adding them to each individual sports team page. 

It takes research and patience to choose the best products but that’s what we’re doing for our visitors.

What Game Room
Doesn’t Like Signage?

When you walk into a Game Room one of the first things most people notice besides the cool games are the Game Room Signs. 

So when thinking of cool game room ideas, making sure to add in some neat, funny and bright game room signs is almost always a must.

For example you could choose from Vintage Tin Signs to Neon Signs and Clocks.  And one of the neatest things you could do would be to add a Personalized Sign to your room.  Those Are Cool and a sign like that makes your space for games, décor and fun really special.

It’s a Game Room, Right?
So You Gotta Have Games!

And we have reviewed and research a lot of interesting games over the years.  Now we’re going to stick to just the best as we reorganize and categorize each section.

The main staple of a home game room is at least 1 big game table and the traditional ones would be a billiard table, foosball table, air hockey table or ping pong table.  Those are all fun, family friendly games for the most part but there are other fun games that sometimes get overlooked.

For example shuffleboard games, electronic dartboards, bumper pool, indoor basketball games and putting greens, retro full sized arcade games and sometimes even a crane game is a lot of fun especially if you have young children of get-togethers often.  Those can be filled with cool stuff for every season throughout the year including birthdays and more.

More Unique Selections and
Game Room Ideas

We’ve went over a couple of the big ideas above but there are a lot more you can choose from and visiting a variety of pages on this site will give you some great ideas and ways to get your game room to where you want it!

For example adding in a Home Theater Movie Screen or an Electric Fireplace would change the atmosphere in an instant.

Or what about a gumball machine or even a vending machine.  Retro Dining Sets and Pub Tables are always nice additions from game rooms to pub themes too. 

And let’s not forget adding a little more convenience like a fridge or mini-fridge and a sofa or couch. 

Lastly, simply painting your walls and adding unique and fun wall decor can take a boring, bland room and turn it into the place where friends and family want to hang out.  You don’t need to spend 1000s to achieve a fun and functional hangout, of course if you want to and can afford it, then maybe it’s worth it.  The point is, have fun with designing your space, if you want a special item that’s not in your budget, simply save up for it or look for it used in working condition. 

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